Treatment Options

As a License Massage Therapist I love to treat the problem at hand (with my hands) ;). I listen to your issues and daily pains to make sure we can pinpoint what is really causing your discomfort. I work by targeting the muscles and areas surrounding them to make sure you leave feeling better than when you walked in.

CBD Cannabidiol in pipette against Hemp

CBD therapy

CBD oils and other forms of cannabidiol are used for a number of  different reasons. I use CBD oils and topical analgesics to help prolong my clients treatment long after they leave my care. CBD is a great way to help heal and manage pain without affecting your everyday life.

Pressure point massage 2

Trigger Point Therapy

Most of you know it as that pesky pain in whatever part of your body that you can't seem to reach. People usually refer to them as KNOTS, yes they are one and the same.  Trigger point is typically done during a session, its meant help release muscle tension in and surrounding the area of discomfort.

Sports massage on leg

Deep Tissue Massage

 Some of you might be scared of the name, but I promise I am not just jabbing every part of your body as hard as I can. I like to focus on the parts that need my attention the most and make sure that I am able to release muscle to the deepest level. That being said MOST of you, and you know who you are, like to wait until the pain is taking your breath away. A few sessions may be required to help with that situation. The name deep tissue is not that scary after all, try it out and I'm sure you'll be back for more!

Pregnant Belly

Mommy's Day off!!

I'd love to help all you beautiful moms out there get as much relief as possible with growing a little angel inside. I'm offering my services to release those tight hips and sore back muscles. Pre and post pregnancy moms need all the help they can get from those little heathens, I mean angels.